A Song of Ice and Fire. My Tully Cavaliers: A Fish on Horseback

Hey, it’s been awhile. But I’m back and I have another completed project to talk about today! Just over a month ago my friend Andrew from the blog Not by Strength by Guile got me into the Game of Thrones tabletop game A Song of Ice and Fire. I enjoyed watching the game of thrones show (except for the last season) but when Andrew told me about the tabletop game, I will admit I was very skeptical of getting myself knee deep in another tabletop game for a series I had not thought about in a long time. After seeing the tabletop game was based on the books and after re-watching some of the first season of GoT I really started to warm up to the idea. Then in a stroke of amazing salesman genius Andrew used my love of Ned Stark and House Stark to his advantage. After showing me the Ice and Fire starter set which has House Stark and House Lannister, Andrew offered to sell me the Stark half of the box to get me into the game. After getting my choice to play House Starks AND Andrew generously gifting me some units for my birthday I was sold. After not getting to see each other much this summer, and my birthday rapidly approaching we set the date for our wargaming weekend and our epic face off. I can honestly say Andrew has me hook, line and sinker with Ice and Fire. 

The field is set for an epic battle between House Stark and House Lannister. Photo Credit to Andrew’s Blog.

So earlier in October it was my birthday weekend. The stage was set for my visit to Andrew’s to hangout, open gifts and play games. I was very eager to get a game in, face to face after a busy August and September. I also wanted to test this new game Andrew had gotten me into after hearing so much about it. It was very weird playing a game where I didn’t have to spend hours assembling anything and playing a game that had trays. I have to say I honestly enjoyed the game and format. A song of Ice and Fire is very easy to play, the rules are clear and anyone of any skill level can pick up it and start playing very quickly.

Now if you are still with me you might be wondering why someone who supposedly loves House Stark titled this blog post My Tully Cavaliers. Well one of the most memorable moments from our first battle was the amazing performance of my Tully Cavaliers. And boy did they clean up every Lannister unit they came across.

Late in our game, pictured on the left is my heroic Tully Cavaliers helping pin down some dastardly House Lannister halberds. Photo Credit to Andrew’s Blog

My Tully Cavaliers managed to clean up the House Lannister heavy cavalry as well some of Andrews’ Lannister infantry. I was so impressed with the performance of my Tully Cavaliers that I set out to paint them first.

Tully Cavaliers in Formation ready to charge down the foe! I think they turned out really nice considering I have not painted in ages!
I washed the armor in Drakenhof Nightshade for a blued armor effect! I then washed the rest of the model in Agrax Earthshade. Honestly I think the blued armor adds a nice touch!
Never a good idea to stand in front of a changing Tully Cavalier!
Don’t look behind you!

It took longer then it should have to get them all done but I enjoyed the challenge. Was nice to paint something again! Next up on the painting table will be something from my new army! Stay Tuned!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Dothraki, on an open field Ned!

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